Natural Pharmacy

Your body is a unique design that has its own nutritional needs, which are generated through eating a healthy diet and built upon with the right high quality supplements. At Bedford Pharmacy, let our Natural Pharmacy Consultant lead you through this often confusing maze of choosing the best high-end supplements for your condition. We offer consultation services during the week either by appointment or walk-in for any natural pharmacy questions, including drug/herb interactions and drug nutrient concerns as well finding the best program for your particular need. Whether you are looking for organic whole food based vitamins, high end Omega-3 fish oils or a broad spectrum mushroom complex, we can help you get on track to a healthier “you”.

Seminars Offered

Introduction to Natural Pharmacy

This seminar is a broad overview of our natural pharmacy. Discusses items such as how to make good product choices, safely combining herbs and medications, the how and whys of probiotics, the importance of a great Omega-3 fish oil, basic natural supplement plan, and suggestions for improving health through diet and lifestyle.

Bone Density Screening Tests for Osteoporosis

This event includes a brief discussion on calcium/magnesium/vitamin D supplements and a bone density measurement. The screening is a non-invasive procedure on the ankle with an ultrasound instrument which will establish a baseline measurement to help you make sound treatment decisions with your physician.

Internal Body Cleansing

Our toxic exposure is universal no matter where we live. Learn how to choose the right cleanse kit to support your personal detoxification journey as well as understand the tools necessary to make your cleansing program a success.

Immune System Savvy

Learn how to winterize your immune system through diet and lifestyle changes as well as how to choose the right high grade natural supplements to take when you do find yourself down with the flu, sore throat, or a nasty cold.

Organics for the Holidays

This is a fun, hands on lecture and demonstration meant for small groups who want information on local organic farms and how to institute organics into their holiday by going “green”. Also includes a short lecture on whole grains, demonstration with a grinding mill, and explanation of the health benefits of grinding your own wheat. Cost of lecture is $50. Price includes lecture, demonstration, and an organic products gift basket. Lectures can be custom developed to address the specific needs of an organization desiring a certain topic.

Our Natural Pharmacy carries the highest quality pharmaceutical grade natural supplements available in the marketplace. We continue to search for the newest and most effective products for our customers and offer consultation services for any natural pharmacy questions, drug/herb interactions and drug nutrient concerns.

Vitamins, Minerals & Herbs

We carry a large variety of natural vitamins, minerals and herbs including an organic line of whole food cultured vitamins which are designed to be absorbed and digested easily into your body. Our products go through a comprehensive evaluation process to ensure that we offer the highest grade available. If you’re looking for an alternative to synthetic medication, we has everything you need. You can also learn how natural pharmacy products can help by attending one of our seminars.


Did you know we carry homeopathic remedies? It’s important to understand the method in how homeopathy can use natural remedies to treat imbalances in a person’s system without causing those unwanted side effects. This can be a great option for both children and adults and is safe to take with most prescription medicines . If you have any questions concerning homeopathy remedies please ask our Natural Pharmacy Consultant who is on staff Monday thru Friday from 8AM until 4PM.

Natural Cosmetics

Our valued customers told us they wanted more from our Natural Pharmacy and we listened. We carry natural cosmetics. With so many cosmetics on the market claiming to be natural it’s hard to find authentic brands.

We make it easy to find quality brands because that’s all we carry! We are dedicated to providing you the best natural cosmetics on the market. Our selection process is stringent taking into account the ingredients used and quality of production.

If there’s something in particular you’re looking for please feel free to give us a call at 603-472-3919 and we’ll be glad to special order that for you…either for pick up, delivery or mail it out to you. If there is a product you would like to see us carry in the future please let our natural pharmacy specialist know and we will stock it for you at any of our locations.