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Community Pharmacy

We are an independently owned community pharmacy that serves the Greater Manchester area and surrounding towns. We fill traditional prescriptions as well as compounded prescriptions. In our front store we stock heath related items such as cough and cold, fever and pain relief, first aid, feminine needs, infant care, and diabetic supplies. We discuss all new prescriptions with patients in our private consultation area. There is always a pharmacist available for questions, recommendations, and general healthcare advice. Bedford Pharmacy has been a long time supporter of local community activities such as little league, soccer, theatre arts and civic projects.

Medical Supplies

We stock orthopedic medical supplies such as crutches, air casts, braces, walkers, canes, and elastic compression stockings. We also carry personal hygiene supplies including urinals, commodes and bedpans. Items we do not regularly stock can be ordered and in most cases arrive by the next business day. There is always a trained staff member available to help you choose the correct product for your specific needs or educate you on alternative solutions.

Special Orders

Bedford Pharmacy is an excellent source for hard to find items and specialty products not stocked in most pharmacies. We purchase products from some of the nation's largest wholesale pharmacy distributors and have access to the same product mix as the national chains. Unlike chain pharmacies, we order every day and therefore your special order usually arrives by the next business day. A member of our staff will be happy to research your product and order it for you.


Bedford Pharmacy can discreetly mail prescription medications and other healthcare items directly to your home or workplace. We have a variety shipping options through the use of UPS, FedEx or US mail.