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Financial Concerns

The basis of good medical care is the relationship between the patient, physician, and pharmacist. This relationship includes medical care as well as financial responsibility.

Often insurance companies, referred to as a third party payer, will control how much the payment will be to the medical provider and/or the pharmacy. In some instances the payment by the insurance company does not cover the price of the service or the prescriptions. Insurance companies do not allow us to collect any unpaid balance from the patient. In that case we cannot possibly have a contract with that company.

When it comes to prescription payments for compounded products, most insurance companies compensate based on the National Drug Code (NDC). This NDC number identifies the product's active ingredients. The payment is only based on the cost of the active ingredient and generally does not take into consideration the labor and other materials needed to produce a quality product. Please refer to NDC letter for additional information.

Bedford Pharmacy has contracts with insurance companies that understand the value of compounded products and we have agreements to bill them directly. If we do not have a contract with your insurance company, then the payment to us is the responsibility of the patient. We will assist you in completing insurance forms for reimbursement that you can submit to your insurance company. Please refer to for a list of forms. Ultimately, it is up to the patient to know and understand their insurance company's regulations. We will work with you and your insurance company to help you get paid for your prescription.

Below is Bedford Pharmacy's information to help you fill out your prescription drug reimbursement claim form.

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Insurance Forms

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